“The Child’s Death is a Tragedy.”
“Our Thoughts and Prayers go out to the Family.”
“If only Events such as These could be Prevented!”

“Perhaps we could
Impose Speed Limits?”

“What’s that?”

Had the Car not been traveling
So Quickly,
Perhaps the Driver would
Have had Time
To React
And the Child’s Life
Could have been Saved.”

“It was the Driver’s
Fault for driving
So Unsafely.
I hardly see
Why such a Law should be
On the rest of Us.”

“Thousands of People are
Hit by Cars
And Killed
Every Year.
As it stands,
The Roads are very
Because of Fast Cars!”

“And I
You Suggest Cars should be
From Roads?”

“No, I–“

“I have a
To My Car!
I Own It;
I Paid for It;
Who are You to tell me What
To Do
With It!”

I’m sorry,
You Misunderstand me.
I’m only saying that
If there were a
Limit on just how Fast a Car–“

“I hardly see how
Are to Blame for this.
Millions of People
Drive Cars
And Don’t hit People,
After all!”

“But, I–“

“And how
You use the Event of this
To Peddle your Outlandish

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