One, two, three, four, five

Six, seven… why does seven

Get two syllables?


Can you see me?
I’m afraid
I’ve fallen into your eye.

Does it hurt?
I’m sorry
I didn’t mean to be here.

Do specks of dust apologize?
This one does.

Can you see me?
I’m afraid
I’ve made you cry.

Does it hurt?
I’m sorry
For each and every tear.

Do flecks of dirt agonize?
This one was.

Opening Up

I’m not an introvert
But I’m a little introverted
When I’m not reticent
I’ll give you my two cents
I’m a barrel of laughs
But I fly my flag at half staff
So leave me alone
When I’m feeling lonely
And be there when I need you
Because I’m needy and I need you
Please don’t go
When I let my heart show
It might be black as oil
But so is fertile soil

And now I’ve said too much.
Sorry about that.