Starting Again

It has been a while
Since I posted anything
I should start again

Blankly, the page stares
Blankly, I stare right on back
Blank, blank, blank, blank, blank

It’s got to be good
Expectations will be high
It has been so long

Tap on the keyboard
Tappity-tap a line out
And stop. And judge it

No, it’s terrible
Delete. Delete. Start again
Taps on the keyboard

No, I can’t do this
It’s the chair, it’s gotta be
I’ll do this elsewhere

Plop down on the couch
On my back and phone up high
Tap and swipe and tap

But it’s too quiet
Streaming Pandora will help
And I’ll check Twitter

No, I need focus
Swipe away Twitter and think
And sit up a bit

This has to be good
Because what’s the point, elsewise?
A meaningful post

My frozen finger
Hovers over the keyboard
And there is nothing

So I typed nothing
I’m not feeling it today
Maybe tomorrow

3 thoughts on “Starting Again

      1. It works so well when it is not forced. It is something so easy to notice, yet when it flows, my mind keeps focusing on the content rather than style, so it’s definitely well-written.

        and hopefully you do start writing (more) again!


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