The Commitment

Yes, no
Black, white
Stay, go
Flee, fight

A decision made
A course set
A foundation laid
A conclusion met

Was it right?
Was the choice good?
Is there an answer in sight?
Would u change ur mind if u could?

Only time can tell
And tell it does
Like a broken spell
But there’s no need to fuss

The S.S. Cost has been sunk
Commitments already made
Expectations and all that junk
And a thrown down spade

So carry on my wayward son
Hold fast to your precious ideal
There’s still work to be done
Who’s to say what’s real?

So what if ur wrong?
So what if it’s a charade?
Just sing ur song
And march ur parade

A decision was made
A course was set
A foundation was laid
A conclusion?


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