How long did it take


To realize there was a


That there were more than


And something greater than


And that there were


And that there were


And that there were


And that the difference wasn’t always clear to


How long did it take?

033 / Happy July 4th!

The night sky explodes

Into a million colors

Happy July 4th

Hello, Friends! I know, I know. Posting a 4th of July Haiku on the 5th? What am I thinking??


But I hope everyone’s having a great summer, so far! I’m working hard to get a number of my projects in order. It turns out, trying to juggle several creative projects and hold down a steady job is… well… a juggling act!

One of these projects, of course, is this website! Publishing more content and flexing my creative writing skills as often as I can! One of my greatest struggles has been consistently finding time to write every day. And once I skip one day, it becomes exponentially more difficult to convince myself to write the next day. When I’m struggling to write longer-form content, these Haiku and Senryu pieces help keep at least some of the dust off my fingertips!

Anyway, thanks for reading!