033 / Happy July 4th!

The night sky explodes

Into a million colors

Happy July 4th

Hello, Friends! I know, I know. Posting a 4th of July Haiku on the 5th? What am I thinking??


But I hope everyone’s having a great summer, so far! I’m working hard to get a number of my projects in order. It turns out, trying to juggle several creative projects and hold down a steady job is… well… a juggling act!

One of these projects, of course, is this website! Publishing more content and flexing my creative writing skills as often as I can! One of my greatest struggles has been consistently finding time to write every day. And once I skip one day, it becomes exponentially more difficult to convince myself to write the next day. When I’m struggling to write longer-form content, these Haiku and Senryu pieces help keep at least some of the dust off my fingertips!

Anyway, thanks for reading!

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