Major Updates Incoming!

Hello, Friends!

Hi! I’m Weston Hasty! I don’t think we’ve met! Welcome to my little poetry blog!

If you’ve been around for a while, you may have noticed a couple subtle changes I’ve made to this site. Mostly, I’ve changed the menu above to remove the “Serials” tab and added an “Everything” tab and a “Blog” tab. If you didn’t notice, no sweat! I said it was subtle!

I have made this change to better reflect the direction I plan on taking with this site. By far, I have primarily written pieces of poetry on this blog, so you can look forward to that “Poetry” tab becoming more detailed and robust in the coming weeks. Ideally, I will be categorizing the different pieces of poetry I write to make it easier to navigate through what I’ve written. I have also removed the “Serials” tab because… well… I haven’t been writing any! I certainly planned to write weekly stories to fill out that tab, but I simply haven’t written anything that inspired me to stick with it, so far. If that ever changes, then it’ll be back! But, for now, I have removed it. I have added the “Blog” tab so that I have a place to put updates, like this, and other ramblings. The “Everything” tab is simply that: a tab that lists everything I’ve posted in reverse chronological order.

The change that you may have noticed, as it has been far less subtle, is the increased frequency of postings! I have been posting far more often than I have been in an effort to make a better habit of making more content and taking this site more seriously. These postings have mostly taken the form of little haiku and senryu poems, so far. For now, the plan is to release two haiku or senryu style poems every day: one in the morning and one in the evening. I’m rolling with posting at 6AM and 6PM every day until I decide a different time is better. The exception to this is that I will write a more involved poem or piece for the Friday evening posting. The thinking behind this is simple; it takes me more time to write a poem that is not a haiku or senryu, so there will be fewer of them in general.


Don’t worry! I kept the “Short Fiction” tab up because I want to make more of those. My goal is to release one piece of short fiction every month, for now. Ideally, once I have formed a better habit of writing, that will change to biweekly or weekly. Basically, writing is a process! It is a skill that requires time and practice, and I have woefully fallen out of practice.

TL;DR: I will be posting more! Yay!

That about sums up the important immediate changes to the site that I’ve made so far. I will continue to post more of these updates when I make more.


This might be jumping the gun a bit, but I do have a Patreon. If at any point you become interested in supporting me and this site financially, you can do so by pledging at . This is my personal, creative Patreon page. Pledges go towards supporting me and all my creative projects. In that sense, this Patreon page does NOT support JUST this site. I wanted to stress that now to avoid any confusion you might encounter if you head over there and begin wondering, “What’s all this ‘MagicManMo’ nonsense?” I won’t get too much into it right now; I’ll save that for another post on another day.

If you ever have any questions, or just want to say hi, feel free to comment here or tweet at me!

Thanks for reading ❤

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