Little Elves Grow

There is this place
Where elves sing and dance
Little beings giving chase
And they laugh and prance

Bundles of innocence
Cheerfully greeting the land
They play their instruments
In a silly, frivolous band

There is this place
The little scamps find
Not far from their birthplace
Belonging to another kind

Curious and unafraid
The adventurous do explore
And venture from where they played
And they discover a great deal more

Suspiciously interested giant elves
Shiny discs and funny-smelling papers
Dark elixirs atop tall shelves
And the most wonderful skyscrapers

And the little elves grow
And they learn and earn
Or they don’t and borrow
But they never return

And with sighs and a downcast face
Giant elves remember before the trance
There was this place
Where elves sang and danced

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