Weird to imagine

In the darkest of places

The sun still rises


Late into the night
Just as the sun was setting
I gazed into the Earth
From out of the door
That I had left wide closed
Through the night
As I slept wide awake
Pondering my life
I saw things I can’t unhear
And all I can think about
Are the worms and roots
That live deep inside
And outside
And around
Myself and yourself and
And I hope they
Get some rest soon


The king weakly grasped his glass
As he took another sip
And smiled through the speech
Leading a room of his people
Generals and advisors
Through stilted secret plans
Devised in a war room
Depicting the fall of the enemy
Of his people
His generals and advisors
But with an expected smile
Despite the poison
He had been sipping
Because he would be gone
Long before the